Meet Our CEO

Lady J


From the tender age of 6, Lady J’s heartbeat to the rhythm of step dance. It was at this young age that she first ventured into the world of choreography, creating captivating routines for her team. Her journey in the art form continued to flourish as she performed and choreographed her way through high school, where she proudly led her own step team at Lawton Chiles High School.

Her performances were nothing short of spectacular, gracing pep rallies, parades, community events, major charity functions, and even earning her a spot in “The Miami Herald Newspaper.”

With a Bachelor’s in Science under her belt, Lady J ventured into the world of education, dedicating over a decade to teaching students of all ages, ranging from 0 to 18 years, in various schools and programs.

The spark to open her own dance studio was ignited by the inspiration she found in her students and the close-knit team she nurtured at an OCPS location. This journey led to the birth of “S.W.A.P – Steppers With A Purpose,” an endeavor that fills her with pride and joy. Through this platform, she imparts her extensive knowledge of step dance techniques and fosters her students’ potential, always driven by her passion and a desire to share the art form. Lady J is thrilled to continue this journey, passing on her love for step dance to future generations.

Meet Our Captains


Competition Team Captain

Pressure, a dedicated and determined individual, holds the prestigious role of team captain. With a tenure of two seasons under her belt, she has discovered her true passion within the team and is wholeheartedly devoted to it. Her journey into the world of sports is unique, having previously invested seven years in the art of mixed martial arts, which instilled in her a remarkable level of flexibility. This unique background proves to be an asset when she takes the field.

But Pressure's talents aren't limited to the world of sports and leadership alone. She is also an accomplished violinist, performing at the highest level in the orchestra, known as the chamber orchestra. Her musical prowess adds another layer to her impressive skill set.

Beyond her current pursuits, Pressure harbors dreams of becoming a lawyer in the future. She believes that her role as captain offers an invaluable opportunity to develop essential qualities for this career path, such as leadership skills, confidence, and unwavering discipline. More than anything, she is driven by a deep desire to share these invaluable life lessons with others, embodying the spirit of a true leader and mentor.

Step Bae

Performance Team Captain

Meet Step Bae, the dedicated captain of the performance team. Her love for sports and dance ignited at a remarkably young age, starting from the tender age of 2. Her journey began at a dance company, but she eventually found her way into the world of mixed martial arts. This transformative experience instilled in her a profound sense of confidence, respect, discipline, unwavering focus, and exceptional leadership skills.

For the past two seasons, Step Bae has been a proud member of Lady J Studios, where she discovered her true passion. Her dream is to attend Florida A&M University, inspired by her sister's journey, and she believes that her role as a captain and stepper significantly enhances her chances of achieving this goal.

Step Bae thrives in her role as a captain, relishing the opportunity to cultivate leadership skills and build beautiful relationships within her team. Her time at Lady J Studios has left an indelible mark on her life, serving as a profound source of inspiration, and helping her discover the person she was meant to be on this earth.

2 Sheisty

Competition Co Captain

Meet 2 Sheisty, the dedicated co-captain of the Competition Team. With two seasons of experience under her belt, she has found her true calling within the team and eagerly anticipates every moment of it.

Her passion for music and her talent shine brightly. For the past two years, she has been an integral part of the symphonic band, the highest level of band, where her love for music finds its perfect expression.

Being a member of Lady J Studios for two seasons has had a profound impact on 2 Sheisty. Her involvement in the step team has significantly boosted her confidence and instilled in her a deep sense of respect for everyone around her.

In her role as a co-captain, 2 Sheisty takes great pride in her ability to assist and support her teammates. Her leadership makes her a reliable figure, someone her peers can turn to when they need guidance or just a friendly chat. This sense of responsibility is a source of fulfillment and joy for her, making her an essential part of the team.


Performance Team Co Captain

Meet Hollywood, the dynamic co-captain of the performance team, known for her exceptional intelligence and outstanding communication skills. Her journey into the world of sports and dance began as early as age 4 when she embraced the disciplines of gymnastics, competitive swimming, and volleyball. These experiences not only shaped her physical prowess but also instilled in her the invaluable mindset of a true athlete.

Hollywood's aspirations are twofold. First, she dreams of securing a scholarship for her prowess in volleyball while continuing to pursue her love for step dance. Her long-term vision centers around studying psychology, with the noble intention of aiding teenagers in their personal growth and learning from their past. In addition to her sports and dance pursuits, Hollywood also showcases her musical talent as a cellist in the orchestra at Glenridge Middle School. The harmonious melodies of the cello serve as a testament to her well-roundedness and artistic inclinations.

The turning point in her life occurred when she witnessed the mesmerizing performances of the steppers. Hollywood was instantly drawn to their dedication and hard work, inspiring her to become part of the team. Lady J's own journey and her reputation as a leader were a beacon of motivation for Hollywood, who has now found herself living her dream.

As a co-captain, she relishes the opportunity to further develop her leadership skills and inspire others by embodying the belief that "whatever you put your mind to, you will achieve." Hollywood's experience with Lady J has not only contributed to her growth as a person but has also nurtured her unwaveringly positive mindset, making her a beacon of hope and determination for those around her.